The cost of hiring an overseas nanny - Payroll Chart
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The Cost of Hiring an Overseas Nanny

Most people have never considered hiring a live-in nanny/caregiver because they believed it would be too expensive for their family to afford. However, the truth surprises most families who contact OCR.

A live-in Nanny/Caregiver is actually far more cost effective with increased flexibility, especially if the family has multiple children in daycare, a family member with special needs, or an elderly loved one in a nursing home.

The detailed payroll chart below was designed to give you a better understanding of the monthly cost of having a full time live-in nanny. Please contact the Canada Revenue office in your area for the prevailing rate.

Base on Bi-Weekly Payroll    -   New Payroll Deductions Online Calculator for January  2013 


Standard hours of work per week (40 hrs x 2 wks) 80
Hourly rates: $10.77
Gross Bi-Weekly Wages: $861.60
Less: Room & Board per week ($85.25 per wk x 2 wks): $170.50

Deductions & contribution from Nanny/Caregiver salary & employer remittance to CCRA...

Employer Bi-Weekly Cntribution:

Canada Pension Plan (CPP): $35.99
Employment Insurance (EI): $22.68
Total Employer Contribution to CCRA:  $58.67


Nanny/Caregiver Bi-Weekly Contribution:

Federal Tax:  $51.29
Provincial Tax: $27.82
Canada Pension Plan (CPP) $35.99
Employment Insurance (EI) $16.20
Total Nanny Contribution to CCRA: $131.30
Employer Bi-Weekly remittances to CCRA: $189.97
Net Bi-Weekly pay to Nanny/Caregiver: $559.80
Total Bi-Weekly cost - employer: $749.77

Total Monthly cost of having a live-in Nanny/Caregiver in your household (based on 4 weeks):