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Live-in caregivers and nannies are also available to take care of your elderly loved ones. Ontario Caregiver Recruit Agency Inc. can give you the peace of mind in knowing that they are taken care of, have company, and have daily help. Contact OCRA or use the Find a Nanny/Caregiver online application to tell us more about yourself.


Nanny with Elderly Woman

Nanny caring for special needs client

Benefits and Advantages for Elderly Care:

* Some of our caregivers have medical training and practical on-the-job experience.

* The caregiver job includes meal preparation, housekeeping and doing laundry.

* An additional option in comparison to a nursing/assisted living home.

* Most of our clients would prefer to be able to live in their own house for as long as possible. Many times, the thought of selling their home and possessions to move into a nursing home is both uncomfortable and expensive.

* The thought of not being in familiar surroundings frightens most people - especially as we get older and begin to realize we can't do everything we once did.

* OCRA has caregivers and nurses who are willing to be act as fulltime live-in caregivers for our elderly clients.

* The awareness of the caregiver program is still very new to most people.

* Once more people become aware of our program and all the benefits and cost savings, we believe more people will choose to have a fulltime live-in caregiver.